• Identity Coaching

    Our identity is the result of all the individual choices we make at each particular moment of our lives and this interferes in our destiny.  It is very important that we translate our essence. And that’s where I come in.

    The methodology is done in a dynamic structure, divided in 10 meetings. They are online (via Skype) or face-to-face.




  • Lectures and Workshops

    My Lectures and Wokshops came from studies in the field of Atroposophy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Coaching, Constellations, Sacred Feminine, Visagism among others and are focused on the importance of understanding your priorities in life and the impact of it in your identity.

    Using examples and experiences, I elucidate habits and beliefs what make our search for our authenticity, demonstrating how creating a personal identity is the best way to express who you are and how possible is to say goodbay to social standards.

    I establish new paradigms about the necessity of connecting yourself with the true source of your issues, instead of always being focused on comparison with external references.