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From a previous experience as a lawyer my will to use my knowledge in order to help others express themselves was born. My interest in human beings developed to the point that I decided to turn that into a profession and went in search of learning even more.

That was a period of time full of studying, different courses and learning so that I could customize a service that helps human beings build their own identity and not lose sight of their self-knowledge.

During 10 years, alongside with the first career, the never-ending search for knowledge motivated me to dig even deeper in this field and that is why I specialized myself in NLP, flower remedies, therapies designed for women, body language, Dr. Patch Adams’ Therapy, studies of human biography, aromatherapy, constellations, sacred feminine experiences while visiting temples in the city of Glastonbury, in England, among others.

It was with all of these acquirements that, at a certain point of my life

“I understood the importance of expressing yourself to the world and being faithful to who you are and the impact of this in our destiny”

as well as the results of that in your entire life, because we experience a sort of motivating peace when we live in accordance with our essence.

“When my second career chose me, I felt ready to share my journey, my experience and my methodology.”

I will keep looking forward to more learning and to making a connection with the universe of self-knowledge and of image, having in mind the singularity of each woman.

And, as everyone has the right to express their true self, I decided to create this excepcional work!


Elen Muller is a professional who always looking for new learnings and so far her certifications were in the following courses:



International Certifications:

  • In Milan (Italy), as Fashion Image and Styling, by Marangoni Institute.
  • In Melbourne (Australia), as Professional Styling and Image, by Australian Style Institute.
  • Life and Executive Coach, by Sociedade Latino Americana de Coaching (SLAC).
  • Master Coach in Executive and Life Coaching,  certified by Internacional Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI).
  • Systemic Coaching, certified by European Coaching Association (ECA) at german academy Metaforum – Akademie Für Kompetenzentwicklung.
  • Integrative Constellations: Family, Organization and Problem solution, at german academy Metaforum – Akademie Für Kompetenzentwicklung.


  • In Brazil:
  • Style Consulting, from Oficina de Estilo.
  • Advanced Image Consulting, from Dresscode.
  • Visagism, with Phillip Hallawell.
  • Lawyer from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUC/PR).