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South Miami Magazine: interview about how I created my coaching style, why it is for women, what is identity and the different styles of women in Miami, Australia and Brazil.üller-in-Miami/id/187


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Paranashop Brasil: Identity, Essence and Image

BAND TV: Interview about how far dresscode rules have an influence on employee’s identity and professional opinion in Nicola Thorp’s case.






Gazeta do Povo Newspaper: Coach  Elen Müller is the author of a method that mixes self-knowledge, self-esteem and fashion improvement.

Curitiba em Destaque: Elen Müller invited by Google Bussines Group to lecture on Coworking Day.


Coworking Day



TopView Magazine and Gazeta do Povo Newspaper: Lecture about Goodbye, Standards!






Transamerica Radio Station: Live interview about woman’s identity and style.